Are you the admin of a new instance? Can we chat for a minute? (maybe two; this is kinda long)

(This is a repost of something I originally wrote for the Fediverse. original)

Running a new Fediverse instance is pretty wild, right? You own a social media site! You own it! You can invite your friends away from poorly-run corporate sites and try to give them an experience that's warmer, that's more fun, that isn't clogged with ads. It can be a pretty excellent feeling – and I know! I ran an instance for five years, and I loved so much about it.

There were parts I didn't love. Let's – [shakes head] let's talk about them for a second, because they're coming. There's always something out there, ready to pop a tire on the shiny new car you and your friends are packed inside, and I – we – want you to know how to fix a flat. We all benefit when you're aware of these things and know how to handle them.

Oh, I'm probably gonna swear. Fortify y'self. 🤷

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Well shit, world.

I check out the news every other day or so. It's good to know what's happening.

Welp, lately it's been failing businesses; non-US nations paying a bunch of money to influence US government, so they can continue being our friends while being utter shits to their own people and neighboring nations; destruction as infrastructure crumbles and extreme weather systems continue getting worse.

Ever played Chrononauts? It's a card game where one uses their cards to change Linchpin events on a timeline, making a few events after just not happen (Paradox). Players then attempt to Patch the Paradoxes with alternate versions of events (or flip the Linchpins back to save the "original" timeline.)

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The Importance of Context

Every now and then, I like to discuss pro wrestling with the folks on Reddit's "SquaredCircle" community. This morning, in a discussion about a big match scheduled for Friday's show, "Rampage", featuring a visiting competitor from a Japanese promotion, I read this comment:

So, let me get this straight: People complain all the time about Rampage not getting big matches, and when we finally get a big match people complain that it shouldn't be on Rampage?
IWC is weird.

Viewed alone? Yes, those are contradictory ideas.

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Failing NaNoWriMo, or: Realizations about My Brain

I first attempted NaNoWriMo in 2004. It was the last time I would do so.

I have yet to discuss it here, but I read a lot of fiction.

Nope, sorry; that didn't come out correctly:

I read a LOT of fiction.

Short stories. Novellas. Novels. Ten-volume, epic arcs I return to every three or four years, once my memory softens the details. (I have two of those arcs on my list of faves! And they got official sequels! 😀)

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