At least a few of our pipes are frozen, despite our best efforts. There's (currently) no indication that they're cracked, but at some point I'll need to don my coverall jumpsuit, grab a flashlight, and crawl under the house for a look.
We currently have no hot water. (Dunno if the tankless heater froze up – it shouldn't – or if my not wrapping a couple of flow valves left a chink in our armor.)

We retained power, and have cold water in the kitchen.
We have electric kettles, and a happily-powered gas oven/stove.
Temps inside the house are in the high 50s/low 60s, thanks to the insulation added when our siding was replaced this summer.
We have space heaters for many rooms, and a big, gas-fueled room heater in the living room whose electric starter & thermostat are performing perfectly.

We're not living quite as large as usual, but we're far ahead of our experience during the last big freeze. Then, there were days without power; then, no insulation – at all – kept the cold from permeating every room. We won't spend today rotating in and out of a running car for warmth. We aren't all confined to the one generator-powered room, clustered around the sole working TV, doing our best to keep our phones charged.

Things ain't perfect, but they're better.