First post time.
If you don't know me already, I'm a bit shocked you're here! I'm Thraeryn, The Embodiment of RED. This is my new blog.
I often find myself wanting to write pieces a bit too long for most social media, and after reviewing the submission process for the New York Times' "Opinions" section, I thought:

Why not start a new blog?
. . . Again?

So! Here we are, using a static site generator – which is such a decidedly new thing for me – called Zola. It takes funny little Markdown files, tosses them into a court-bouillon of templates and inheritances, and produces a fine course of HTML dishes. Zola requires I learn its ways and methods, then think in them; it's A LOT, and I might not get to explore some of its more involved or nuanced capabilities for a damned long time.

For now, it's enough to have this, here, ready when needed.