What an odd Monday.

  • One of the larger sites on the internet isn't down, but IS half-shuttered because the capitalists who own its software and hardware mistakenly thought they also owned its users.
  • Some Twitch stream (very sweary & violent; you just can't watch at work) is running 24/7, using a combination of machine learning models to make "Donald Trump" and "Joe Biden" debate the merits of suggestions from the folks in its chat.
  • Actual Donald Trump is likely up, frustrated, and haranguing every lawyer whose number is in his phone, demanding they stall his criminal trials until he can become POTUS again and insist the office lets him shrug off prosecution.
  • Oh, and high temperatures across the northern hemisphere likely topped/will top 100°F/38°C today ... and most other days this week.

Like, truly, ... what Hell could fiction imagine to top this reality?

Stand on your principles today; support anyone who shares them in any way you can manage; acknowledge, in your heart, that It's Not Okay; and try to let kindness, for yourself and for others, guide you through.

You're part of communities. Don't feel like it? Can't see what they are? Are they not supportive ones? Well baby, you can join MY community. Its tenets are

  • "this is not the society or world we want",
  • "we can only do this together", and
  • "bigots & capitalists get fucked".

You down? You're in.