Partner found another part-time library position. She'll be back to working a few more hours on two weeknights, and a full shift Saturdays.

I'm back to planning and cooking dinner two nights a week. I did it for a long stretch; I can do it again.

The biggest change is that her part-time nights will include an extra hour. She won't be home until 21:30 those nights. 😳 So I'm kinda thinking about venturing into pockets, popovers, and pasties. (The short "a" pastries, not the long "a" coverings.)

If I can get over my own frustrations making dough and baking, I can put damned near any saucy or cheesy leftover in a pastry shell, bake it up, and reheat it just before she arrives. She'll be able to grab it, sit on the couch, chow down, and probably wander on up to bed.

Time for research.