Thoughts on AR and Apple.

Hey. Welcome back, to both of us: I who have put most of my thoughts on fedi lately, and you who have likely come here from my fedi post about this piece. This is a better place for longer thoughts, and I'll try to put them here more often.

I was disappointed when AR never really took off. It's part of the future Gen X was promised: a blend of the digital world and the physical. Information not just at our fingertips, but right before our eyes. Restaurant reviews! Navigation directions! Instant translation! Folks, I was desperate for Google Glass to hit an adoption point that made it affordable, but noooooooo; the same folks you see today holding their phones like floppy pizza slices and subjecting everyone nearby to their conversations were aghast that they might be recorded. 🙄

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A Brush with the Future of Medicine.

My internet psych service is desperate to prove to the FDA and AMA that they're a really real medical provider. As a result, they're asking all their patients to get an EKG "before" they prescribe stimulant medication.

I mean, I get it.

They suggested that patients, if desired, could buy a home EKG monitor and have the results reviewed by a physician, then send the review along.

As a result, I am now the proud(?) owner of a 6-lead EKG monitor.

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Knowing the Future.

In times of trouble, people are quick to offer words like these:

All we have is this moment; it's important to live each and every one.

It's a truth, but it's not The Truth, and to think so is to do your life a disservice.

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A Better? Introduction to Mastodon & the Fediverse.

We all recognize – well, most of us – that Twitter was a pretty rough place sometimes, and has gotten worse. We know that social media is training our brains to crave validation, and we know that the businesses who run these sites want us to stick around all day so they can show us ads.

People stick around, though. They want to talk about their lives. They want to see what their friends are doing. They'd like to gush about the movie they just saw, or describe their terrible experience. They want to call people to action when Something Needs Doing.

You can do all that on the Fediverse; it was made to connect people. And I'm going to try, as so many others have tried, to lay it all out for you – in a way that doesn't focus on the tech. If the words are with me, you might even get to the end and want to be a part of it.

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