This is what Monday means now, I guess?

What an odd Monday.

  • One of the larger sites on the internet isn't down, but IS half-shuttered because the capitalists who own its software and hardware mistakenly thought they also owned its users.
  • Some Twitch stream (very sweary & violent; you just can't watch at work) is running 24/7, using a combination of machine learning models to make "Donald Trump" and "Joe Biden" debate the merits of suggestions from the folks in its chat.
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Thoughts on AR and Apple.

Hey. Welcome back, to both of us: I who have put most of my thoughts on fedi lately, and you who have likely come here from my fedi post about this piece. This is a better place for longer thoughts, and I'll try to put them here more often.

I was disappointed when AR never really took off. It's part of the future Gen X was promised: a blend of the digital world and the physical. Information not just at our fingertips, but right before our eyes. Restaurant reviews! Navigation directions! Instant translation! Folks, I was desperate for Google Glass to hit an adoption point that made it affordable, but noooooooo; the same folks you see today holding their phones like floppy pizza slices and subjecting everyone nearby to their conversations were aghast that they might be recorded. 🙄

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A Brush with the Future of Medicine.

My internet psych service is desperate to prove to the FDA and AMA that they're a really real medical provider. As a result, they're asking all their patients to get an EKG "before" they prescribe stimulant medication.

I mean, I get it.

They suggested that patients, if desired, could buy a home EKG monitor and have the results reviewed by a physician, then send the review along.

As a result, I am now the proud(?) owner of a 6-lead EKG monitor.

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Knowing the Future.

In times of trouble, people are quick to offer words like these:

All we have is this moment; it's important to live each and every one.

It's a truth, but it's not The Truth, and to think so is to do your life a disservice.

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