"but", "and", & training thought

(This post originally appeared on hackers.town.)
I don't know when, where, how long ago I first read (and really ingested) the idea that the word "but" basically tells a reader/listener "yeah, just throw out my previous statement".

It stuck with me, whether I recall the circumstances or not.

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Rebuilding society.

First, a note: There's something at thraeryn.red now. Not much, but it's there.

My buddy Bæ Grylls said something that caught my eye today.

Okay, razing everything to the ground and starting over isn’t a sophisticated enough solution for some of you but baybeeeeeee…

Reform doesn’t go far enough.

There are so many reasons why I agree with his statement, complete with examples. The world's societies may have started as simple recipes, but each and every one has, with time, become such a complex casserole that attempting to pick out the bits we don't like is a task that could take lifetimes.

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The blog moved!

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I'm planning to consolidate all my various things under the thraeryn.red banner, and this is the first step! You can tell, because actually browsing to thraeryn.red itself just shows a generic domain parking page! 😅 All I can do is quote Christopher Walken as the Archangel Gabriel in The Prophecy:


On kink communities.

Kink isn't an area of my life where I seek community. It is, in fact, one of the few portions of my life I prefer to keep quiet.

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